The Most Flexible, Affordable, Accessible,
Well-Designed, Student-Centered,
Digital Workshop in the World

In 2021, we’re offering our middle school workshop online again using our custom platform building on the lessons from a successful Summer 2020!


Leaders 4SC is a summer workshop for middle school (rising 5th to 9th grade) students on leadership, communication, decision-making, and advocacy. Our goal is to train the next generation of civic leaders: members of a community who actively participate in society.

By the end of each week, students will have participated in three major projects:

  1. Written at least one article or speech arguing for and defending their opinion on any current issue
  2. Participated in daily discussions and activities on a different major current event every day
  3. Participated in a Leaders 4SC Conference activity, where they roleplay as business, government, or non-profit leaders to solve a national or global issue that the group chooses together. (This is a Saturday event open to all students online this summer).

We use a custom platform that allows students to watch live and recorded lectures, complete group activities and online games/puzzles, and submit all assignments from a tablet/computer from home.

Here’s How We’ll Meet Our Commitments:

You can login anytime during “workshop hours” every day and interact live with staff and other students. 

If you miss part of a day or activity, there will be a replacement activity you can do on your own to make sure you don’t fall behind or get a lesser experience.

You can participate in the workshop at any time of the day with the pre-recorded activities and lectures and still learn everything.

There will be at least one staff member available in “office hours” between 8am EST and 12am EST to help you with your assignments or explain something if you are doing it on your own. 

One Week: $150/week

Two Weeks: $275/total

Three Weeks: $400/total

Four Weeks: $500/total

Five Weeks: $625/total

Six Weeks: $750/total

On top of the lowest prices on the market, need-based financial aid is available. No student will be turned away because of cost.

All of our content and activities can be viewed and done from any internet-connecting device with a browser and keyboard. That can be a tablet, netbook, laptop, computer, or even a smartphone with a bluetooth keyboard. 

If you don’t have any of the above or think using your device will hinder your workshop experience, email us and we’ll try our very best to get you connected with a better alternative.

All of our curriculum is planned down to 30-minute increments and for live and pre-recorded versions.

Our non-live options are not just recorded live versions or copies of things we will do live, but specifically designed to be done by students on their own and recorded separately or in some cases even animated. 

We’ll make sure there are enough instructors that every child gets personalized attention.

All assignments will either get immediate computer feedback (multiple-choice questions, drag/drop activities, etc) or guaranteed personalized feedback (for writing and for speeches).

EVERYTHING will occur on one site with one login on one page at time.

You won’t have to have multiple tabs open to access the live class and the activities. 

 You also won’t have to download any special apps or use any special equipment. 

2021 Dates/Times

Students may attend any combination of weeks:

Session 1 — Writing Focus: July 5-9 (M-F)

Session 2 — Speaking Focus: July 12-16 (M-F)

Session 3 — Writing Focus: July 19-23 (M-F)

Session 4 — Speaking Focus: July 26-30 (M-F)

Session 5 — Writing Focus: August 2-6 (M-F)

Session 6 — Speaking Focus: August 9-13 (M-F)

Live sessions will occur 11am to 3PM EDT

Staff will be available from 8am to 12am EDT


One Week: $150/week

Two Weeks: $275/total

Three Weeks: $400/total

Four Weeks: $500/total

Five Weeks: $625/total

Six Weeks: $750/total

Need-based financial aid is available.


The workshop will require students to have access to a laptop/computer/tablet during the workshop times or they can watch any of our recorded lectures and do the activities from anywhere.

Curriculum Breakdown

Week 1/3/5: Writing Focus

These weeks of the workshop focuses on students’ persuasive writing abilities. During week 1 we will work with students on developing a well-reasoned editorial (op-ed style) article on a topic of interest to them. During week 3 students will design a social media campaign aimed at teaching others their age about an issue important to them. During week 5 we will work with students to write a letter to a local, state, or national politician about an issue that matters to them.  

Week 2/4/6: Public Speaking Focus

These weeks of the workshop focuses on students’ persuasive speaking abilities. Students will receive plenty of practice and instruction on best developing good public speaking habits and crafting a rhetorically powerful speech. During week 2 we will work with students on creating a pitch for a project of their choosing. During week 4 students will work on a speech that they would want to deliver to their school. During week 6 students will design and deliver a PSA about an issue that matters to them.

All Weeks: Topic Discussions

Each day of the workshop students will start off by learning about and discussing a major current event. They will have the chance to discuss their thoughts with fellow classmates and then participate in a group activity that focuses on one particular aspect of the topic. Each week has different topics, but each week there is one topic that directly pertains to the students, one national topic, one global topic, one futuristic topic, and a national topic that pertains directly to students.