Our instructors have spent months (really, years) perfecting the curriculum and getting ready to teach students this summer! Some of our key instructors are below. We are also finalizing a set of guest speakers from the area from businesses, universities, government, and non-profits.

All instructors are background-checked and have conducted mandatory reporting training. There will always be at least two instructors on premises at any given moment.

Priten Shah (B.A. Harvard 2018)

Workshop Director & CEO of United 4 Social Change

  • Founded and runs United 4 Social Change Inc., a platform for a global community that works to spur social change by training young activists
  • Is the co-founder of Sans Bull. io, a start-up consulting firm
  • Loves to chat about non-profits, South Asia, and technology with others

Chandani Shah (B.A. Boston University 2021)

Curriculum Director & COO of United 4 Social Change

  • Developed an intense passion for raising social awareness in society through her participation in debate
  • Loves writing about a variety of topics, but has mostly written about issues concerning women in India for I4SC
  • Enjoys discussing mental health, women’s rights, writing, and social activism

Kirk Aleman (M.A. Harvard 2019)

Finance Director & CSO of United 4 Social Change

  • Pursuing his Masters in finance at Harvard
  • Passionate about diversity and entrepreneurship in the start-up community
  • Has two guinea pigs Chun-Chun and Bao-Bao

Ben Bryant (B.A. Harvard 2022)


  • Passionate about criminal justice reform, has consulted with the Sentencing Project through Harvard’s IOP (Institute of Politcs)
  • Member of Harvard College Leadership Project, working to create a seminar that will instill important leadership principles and be offered to all future Harvard Students
  • Volunteers at Harvard Square Homeless Shelter