Our instructors have spent years perfecting the curriculum and getting ready to help students become civic leaders! Some of our key instructors are below.

All instructors are background-checked and have conducted mandatory reporting training. 

Priten Shah (M.A., Harvard Education, B.A. Harvard )

Chief Executive Officer

  • B.A. in Philosophy and M.Ed. in Education Policy from Harvard University
  • Is a serial entrepreneur whose projects aim to change power dynamics in various industries and fields
  • Lives in NYC with his pet bird, Pia

Chandani Shah (B.A. Boston University)

Chief Operating Officer

  • Developed an intense passion for raising social awareness in society through her participation in debate
  • Loves writing about a variety of topics, but has mostly written about issues concerning women in India for I4SC
  • Enjoys discussing mental health, women’s rights, writing, and social activism

Kirk Aleman (M.A. Harvard)

Chief Financial Officer

  • Is excited about helping the youth understand the endless possibilities their future holds
  • Passionate about diversity/inclusion, especially in entrepreneurship
  • Loves having conversations about what drives you to wake up in the morning!

Nina Bamberg (M.A. Columbia Teacher’s College)

Director of Programs

  • MA in Peace and Human Rights Education
  • Passionate about civic, history, and environmental education
  • Spends her free time catching up on tv shows and cuddling with her roommate’s cats