Artificial Intelligence Replacing Jobs

Task Force: Artificial Intelligence Replacing Jobs Congratulations! You have discovered a time machine that has allowed you to fast forward to the year 2060… but uh oh! You have been given the responsibility of figuring out how the new AI advancements can contribute to the workforce without replacing jobs. You are in charge of allocating […]

Program Your Car

Task Force: Program Your Car Congratulations! You have been selected to participate in a project for the future of programmed cars. Your goal is to try to come up with a plan that has an “ideal” design of a car that will be entirely self-sufficient. Why Are We Doing This? As technology continues to advance, […]

Facebook and “Fake News”

Task Force: Facebook and “Fake News” Congratulations! You have been hired by Mark Zuckerberg to design a program that will identify “fake news” without directly infringing on someone’s freedom of press. Specifically, you are being asked to find a way to approach fake news on his social media platform, Facebook. Zuckerberg has explicitly stated that […]

Designer Babies Rules and Regulations

Task Force: Designer Babies Rules and Regulations Congratulations! You have been asked to join the committee responsible for creating rules and regulations for designer baby gene editing. It is your job to create guidelines that ensure gene editing is controlled and consider how you will address ethical concerns among the citizens of the United States. […]

Design a Space Colony

Task Force: Design a Space Colony Congratulations! NASA has decided to colonize Mars and has put you in charge of designing the colony. Each group will be asked to design a colony that fits the necessary needs and wants of its colonizers.  Why Are We Doing This?: This article from Science Alert discusses how many […]

Design a Social Media PSA

Task Force: Design a Social Media PSA Congratulations! You have been chosen to be part of a Public Relations team for a campaign trying to raise awareness about the benefits and harms of social media. You get to decide whether you want to design a PSA focusing on the positive aspects of social media or […]

Can a Robot Vote?

Task Force: Can a Robot Vote? Congratulations! The Supreme Court has decided to give you the decision to decide whether or not an amendment should be added to the constitution. This amendment would give robots the ability to vote in various elections throughout the year, including the presidential election. We ask you to come up […]