Voting During COVID-19

Task Force: Voting During COVID-19 Congratulations! You have been tasked with making sure that every person who is eligible and wants to vote in the 2020 election can do so safely during the pandemic. Unfortunately, the impact of COVID-19 spills over to election time because people are afraid to go to voting areas in their […]

Reform The Justice System

Task Force: Reform The Justice System Congratulations! The federal committee of crime has elected you to recreate and reform the justice system in the United States. This means you will be in charge of designing and brainstorming the implementation of an entirely new justice system.  Why Are We Doing This?: There are two forms of […]

Rank The Rights

Task Force: Rank The Rights Congratulations! You have been selected to rank the rights that U.S. citizens are given, present your ideas at a conference for refugees, and facilitate a wider discussion with the audience. You will be given a list of various rights granted to citizens and will have to rate them highest importance […]

Fix The Budget

Task Force: Fix The Budget                             Congratulations! The Congressional Budget Office has assigned you to balance the nation’s budget and allow the United States to pay off its debt. You will be given a fake current budget and will be responsible for reforming […]

Facebook and “Fake News”

Task Force: Facebook and “Fake News” Congratulations! You have been hired by Mark Zuckerberg to design a program that will identify “fake news” without directly infringing on someone’s freedom of press. Specifically, you are being asked to find a way to approach fake news on his social media platform, Facebook. Zuckerberg has explicitly stated that […]


Distribution: Justice Game Task Force Congratulations! You have been appointed by someone to bargain on their behalf concerning the basic principles of justice that will guide the design of a new society that they have been forced to enter. You have to come up with a principle of distributive justice which your client will live […]

Design a New Election System

Task Force: Design a New Election System Congratulations! You have been chosen to participate in a program allowing U.S. citizens to redesign the election system. Each participant will have the opportunity to present their plan and ideas to a group of people who will vote for their favorite design. Your goal is to reform the […]