One-Day Virtual Workshops
School Year 2020-2021

2020-2021 Saturday Solutions Workshops

Students will meet together to learn about a current event and then participate in a task force activity that allows them to role-play as key decision-makers and stakeholders as they practice their civic leadership skills in solving key global and local problems! 

All 40 topics are brand new and never before been offered at any of our workshops!

Dates: Every Saturday but Thanksgiving and Christmas Weekend from September 12th to June 26th!

Time: 12pm-2pm EST

Location: Virtual 

Cost: $20/conference or $500/year (40 Conferences)

Financial aid available.

Age Range: 5th to 9th 

All or Some: You can sign up for all of them now or register closer to each date. All conferences are independent of others and do not assume you’ve attended one of the prior ones! 

Missed one?: You still get access to all PowerPoints, Worksheets, and even an individual make-up activity!


Date Topic Area Date Topic Area
9/12/2020 Task Force: Ethical Standards for Animal Testing 2/13/2021 Task Force: Universal Basic Income or Means Tested
9/19/2020 Task Force: Organ Donation Rules 2/20/2021 Task Force: City Government & Redlining
9/26/2020 Task Force: Evaluating Grant Proposals 2/27/2021 Task Force: Federal Laws Against Gerrymandering
10/3/2020 Task Force: Redo Borders 3/6/2021 Task Force: Design Accessible Spaces
10/10/2020 Task Force: Regulating Healthy Eating 3/13/2021 Task Force: Admissions Committee
10/17/2020 Task Force: Naming Your Child 3/20/2021 Task Force: “Shark Tank”
10/24/2020 Task Force: White House Briefing 3/27/2021 Task Force: Strengthening the UN
10/31/2020 Task Force: International Surrogacy Norms 4/3/2021 Task Force: City Council Voting on Amazon
11/7/2020 Task Force: Religion In School 4/10/2021 Task Force: Corporate Board on Board Diversity
11/14/2020 Task Force: Dealing with PR Crisis 4/17/2021 Task Force: New Tax System
11/21/2020 Task Force: Old Age & Loneliness 4/24/2021 Task Force: Sacred Cow in Congress
12/5/2020 Task Force: Freedom of Speech on Campus 5/1/2021 Task Force: Design Your Own Party
12/12/2020 Task Force: Art Museum 5/8/2021 Task Force: Destroy a Stereotype
12/19/2020 Task Force: Medical Board & Euthanasia 5/15/2021 Task Force: To Print or Not To Print
1/2/2021 Task Force: Sueing Your Parents 5/22/2021 Task Force: Refugee Crisis
1/9/2021 Task Force: Extra Credit in Schools 5/29/2021 Task Force: Interest Groups
1/16/2021 Task Force: Sports Council on Genetic Enhancement 6/5/2021 Task Force: Public Sanitation
1/23/2021 Task Force: International Wage Policies 6/12/2021 Task Force: Subsidies for Farms
1/30/2021 Task Force: Compulsory Voting 6/19/2021 Task Force: Design a Campaign
2/6/2021 Task Force: Regulating Social Media Companies 6/26/2021 Task Force: Citizenship Process


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