Resource Allocation For Special Needs Program

This task force gives students the responsibility of being in charge of resource allocation for the special needs education program at their school.

Task Force: Resource Allocation For Special Needs Program


The school board has assigned you to be in charge of resource allocation for the special needs education program at your local school. You have to consider which resources to reallocate to the program and how to do it. 

Why Are We Doing This?:

Students with special needs have a wide range of options for attending schools, but parents/guardians often have to give up one factor in favor of another. Here we ask you to consider how to reallocate certain resources to special needs education programs. We want you to consider ways in which their education may be well-resourced to best fit the needs and wants of students with special needs.


  1. Try to figure out how to reallocate resources to the special needs program at your school. 
    1. How will you reallocate money to allow students with special needs to have the same opportunities as other students?
    2.  How will you divide teacher’s time? 
    3. How will you ensure that students with special needs have the same resources, opportunities, and advantages as students who do not have them? 
    4. Will students with special needs be integrated into classrooms with students without special needs? Why or why not?
  2. Think through the possible objections about your reallocation of resources that someone could have and how you would answer them. 
  3. Share with the group and see if you can convince them that your plan best ensures equal opportunities for students with special needs.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Consider how to make sure students with special needs are given all the resources they need to thrive in the school system, without having to compromise certain things guaranteed to students without special needs.
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