Boston (7/6-7/17)

The workshop will work with students on developing a variety of skills and gaining topic area expertise in various subjects.

By the end of each week, students will have participated in three major projects:

  1. Written at least one article or speech arguing for and defending their opinion on any current issue
  2. Participated in daily discussions and activities on a different major current event every day
  3. Participated in a Leaders 4SC Conference activity, where they roleplay as business, government, or non-profit leaders to solve a national or global issue that the group chooses together.

Parents/Guardians will be able to follow along with all assignments and works through Google Classroom as the week progresses. We’ll also occasionally send parents email updates with the students’ work.


Students may attend either or both of the weeks: 

Writing Focus Week: July 6th to July 10th 

Speaking Focus Week: July 13th to July 17th

We have a NYC location following this one.


Fees include lunch and supplies for the workshop.

One Week: $300/week

Both Weeks: $500/total

Need-based financial aid is available.


The workshop will be held at Lesley University.

1200 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02140.

Curriculum Breakdown

Week 1: Writing Focus

The first week of the workshop focuses on students’ argumentative writing abilities. We will work with students on developing a persuasive and well-reasoned editorial (op-ed style) article on a topic of interest to them. Students will have the option to publish their written work on our site. We will also publish a physical magazine at the end of the workshop with all of the students’ written work. In the below curriculum schedule for Week 1, boxes in this color are for lectures pertaining to writing skills, while boxes in this color are group and individual work for developing those skills.

Week 2: Public Speaking Focus

The second week of the workshop focuses on students’ persuasive speaking abilities. Students will receive plenty of practice and instruction on best developing good public speaking habits and crafting a rhetorically powerful speech. Students will present their speeches to the whole group and also have the option to submit them to our podcast. In the below curriculum schedule for Week 2, boxes in this color are for lectures pertaining to speaking skills, while boxes in this color are group and individual work for developing those skills.

Both Weeks: Topic Discussions

Each day of the workshop students will start off by learning about and discussing a major current event. They will have the chance to discuss their thoughts with fellow classmates and then participate in a group activity that focuses on one particular aspect of the topic. Both weeks have different topics, but each week there is one topic that directly pertains to the students, one national topic, one global topic, one futuristic topic, and a national topic that pertains directly to students. In the below curriculum schedules, the topics are in this color, the topic discussions in this color, and the relevant activities in this color.

Both Weeks: Leaders 4SC Conference

Student leaders will get together to enact scenarios involving non-profit, government and private sectors to discuss solutions to societal problems. Students will come up with a joint plan to solve the issue through cooperation and debate. Students will gain essential skills to become effective leaders in society.  Students will also gain important practical experience in business, NGO, and government sectors while they figure out how to drive real-world change. Students will be randomly grouped by our system into small groups to facilitate the discussions. Students will present to the entire group after discussion. Boxes in this color pertain to the conference.

Exit Tickets/Journal Entries/Extra Help/Homework Time

We have also scheduled in time at the end of each day to reinforce the day’s skills and content, give the students a chance to reflect on some of what they have learned, and to work on their projects in individual or group settings. This time will also be used for team-building activities. These activities are in this color below.